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I'm twenty years old, I have a strong desire to travel everywhere, married, Boba Fett is my lover, PC obsessed, and I have a cute Shiba Inu.

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sleep. time.


my brother went off to college 3 weeks ago and has not texted me at all until this


do you guys remember when phineas and ferb had a whole song dedicated to having squirrels in your pants why does no one talk about that

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I’m going to Polk tomorrow and I’m not happy about it.


Seriously like two days ago Cee-Lo Green admitted to drugging and raping a woman in 2012. He deleted his twitter account because hes admitted hes guilty and that he doesnt think raping that woman was wrong bc he drugged her first WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS.

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just got back from the vet. you guys know what my dumb dog did?

he sprained his tail. from wagging it too hard. this is the stupidest thing.


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